Winter Wonderland Table Inspiration – Minute Rice
Winter Wonderland Table Inspiration

Decorating the holiday table is so much fun, we couldn’t resist sharing a few ideas with you! What will yours look like?


Place a few (or many) votive candles in clusters on the table. They will give the room a warm, cozy and inviting feel.
Make sure they’re not too close to anything that could catch on fire!

Christmas Decorations

Don’t be afraid to use colours! Be creative and fill mason jars with candy canes, pine cones, gingerbread cookies etc.

Holiday Table Decor

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow on your holiday table! If colour is not your thing, there’s still lots you can do to create a stunning wonderland-themed decor.
You can purchase snow-covered branches and pine cones or you can do it yourself very easily as well.

Christmas table place setting

If you’re going for an organic and outdoorsy feel, twine is an excellent option! Low-cost and very versatile, you will get many uses out of one roll.
Use it to wrap napkins, spruce up mason jars or personalize your party favours.

Christmas table ornaments

Ornaments are a fabulous example to show how reusing what you already have at home can do wonders! Garlands and mini trees will complement any holiday table decor.


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