Introduced in 1949, the Minute Rice® brand has been a trusted and reliable staple in Canadian homes for almost 75 years!

The makers of Minute Rice have been making quality rice products for years, bringing the time savings of convenience rice to Canadian homes. The only ingredient in our quick cook rice is rice – 100% natural. Minute Rice® Quick Cook Rice is simply precooked, dried rice that speeds up preparation since the rice has already been cooked! No mystery here… it’s just rice!

Minute Rice ® Microwaveable cups are perfect for when you are on the go. You can eat it straight out of the cup for hassle-free cleanup! One minute in the microwave is all it takes to savour the goodness of Minute Rice® Microwaveable Cups make a great complement to your lunch or side dish for dinner or even as a snack, these cups open up a world of possibilities!