Everybody loves springtime. The days get brighter and longer, the flowers bloom, a long-lost warmth arrives in the air, and the birds start singing again. It’s also a time of year when our eating habits begin to change along with the season. So, you may be wondering, what are the best spring recipes?

Springtime is all about fresh vegetables. It’s during this time of year that certain veggies are at their ripest, freshest, and most vibrant, allowing you to taste them at their absolute best. The question is, which vegetables are best in spring? And how can they be used in meals?

That’s where we can help. Join us as we guide you through our carefully selected rice recipes which make use of spring’s finest vegetables. We’ll share with you our dishes with broccoli, carrots, and lettuce, in recipes that are quick and easy to make.


Broccoli is a cool-weather vegetable that is enjoyed all year round, but one of the best times of year for it is April. It thrives in the early spring, and the quality is known to be less rich when summer comes. That’s why it’s time to go and get your broccoli while spring is still in the air.

Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry

Broccoli With Steak

Let your broccoli boast its most vibrant shades of green as it takes center stage in this 25 Minute Beef & Broccoli Stir-Fry. With sirloin steak, mushrooms, and Minute Rice® Quick Cook Wholegrain Brown, you’ll have an ideal combo of meat, veggies, and rice to enjoy.

Broccoli With Chicken

For a similar dish to the last, one that uses the same rice type but includes an extra touch of fruity sweetness, opt for this 15 Minute Chicken, Broccoli, and Pineapple Stir-Fry. Instead of sirloin steak, this dish includes thin strips of delicious chicken for its protein component.

When it comes to broccoli, rice, and chicken combinations, here’s one on the hearty side with a nostalgic and classic-style appearance. Our 15 Minute Chicken and Rice with Broccoli Skillet allows you to show off your golden, brown, and crispy chicken to guests as part of a comforting meal.

Or how about taking a walk on the cheesy side with a 13 Minute Cheesy Chicken and Rice Recipe With Broccoli? One thing this dish does is demonstrate with ease why cheese and broccoli pair so well together for a warm and melty, mouthwateringly delicious combo of textures and flavours.

Cheesy Chicken and Rice

Broccoli In Soups And Casseroles

While spring is that time of year when the temperature heats up a little, we still get cloudy afternoons, April showers, and cold evenings. That’s why it’s also worth having a few warm soups and casseroles on standby in your culinary repertoire to bring out at the right moment.

This 10 Minute Broccoli Cheese and Rice Soup will have you asking yourself, how is it possible that such a delicious dish can be ready in so little time? Here’s your answer: It’s possible thanks to Minute Rice® Quick Cook Long Grain White and the easy-to-follow steps found in the recipe.

If you have a little more time on your hands and want to go for something that sits in the oven and cooks away while delicious cheeses melt on its surface, try this 35 Minute Broccoli Rice Casserole. This one is bound to wow those around the table.


They may not make you see in the dark, but they will make you crave another bite. We’re talking about carrots in springtime. Like broccoli, carrots are at their peak of deliciousness in spring, so make the most of them before the summer arrives.

Quick Bibimbap

With thin-shredded carrots, also known as ‘matchsticks’, you’ll have a tasty and vibrant flavour enhancer to include in this Korean-inspired 15 Minute Quick Bibimbap. That way, you can make the most of seasonal carrots and discover the flavours of the Far East at the same time.

If you love Korean food, not only do you have great taste, but you also have the opportunity to cook up something as innovative as this 5 Minute Korean Style Rice Bowl. This irresistible mix of beef, rice, and veggies is ready in as little as five minutes.

Equally as impressive and easy to make is this 5 Minute Vegetable Chicken Stir Fry. Yes, it’s possible to enjoy the deliciousness of Asian-inspired cuisine in a recipe that’s easy to make and ready in a flash.


As cool weather crops, veggie lovers recognize lettuce to be at their best during spring through to the beginning of the summer. That’s why it’s time to get your lettuce while the going is good, and put it into an elegant meal that’s simple to prepare.

Colourful, impressive on the plate, and inspired by Korean cuisine, these 15 Minute Easy Korean Beef and Kimchi Lettuce Wraps are both enjoyable to eat and impressive on the eye. They make fantastic snacks and appetizers although there’s no reason you can’t enjoy them as a main.

It’s time to explore some Mexican-inspired cuisine that makes the most of much-loved springtime lettuce. With this quick and easy 15 Minute Meatless Taco Rice Skillet, your shredded lettuce will make up part of a colourful and flavourful mix of ingredients that blend together in style.

In a rush? That’s no problem at all. This 5 Minute Classic Rice Salad can be ready in as little time as the name suggests. At Minute Rice®, we know that quick meals can be just as satisfying as those that run down the clock.

For more ways to make mealtimes magical in a matter of minutes, see our quick tips.