Minute Rice® Instant Brown Rice

Finding time to prepare a delicious meal can be challenging between work, kids, and making it to that 6 AM spinning class. With Minute Rice® Instant Brown Rice, you can enjoy its nutty taste and slightly chewy texture in just 10 minutes! That’s one-fourth the time of long cook brown rice. So in a shorter time, you’ll have delectable rice with the same nutritional values as long-cooked rice that will enhance any meal.

Squeezing in a quick and delicious whole grain recipe into your hectic routine has never been easier than with Minute Rice®. As a dependable family favourite, we are on a mission to make meals quick and enjoyable, from breakfast (a great alternative to oatmeal) through dessert, so you spend less time cooking and more time enjoying!

Our Minute Rice® Instant Brown Rice only contains ONE ingredient, WHOLE GRAIN BROWN RICE, which is cooked, then dried, nothing added, nothing is taken away. Additionally, it is MSG FREE, CHOLESTEROL FREE, SODIUM FREE, VEGAN/VEGETARIAN and has NO PRESERVATIVES.

Quick Tip

Looking for easy  flavor boosters? Try adding a special touch to your rice by cooking the brown rice in apple juice instead of water and adding fresh mint leaves, raisins, nuts and honey.

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