You’ve just cooked a delicious rice recipe, but there’s all that rice left over in the pot. What do you do? Just don’t throw it away. There’s no need to waste food, especially when we’re talking about rice. When it’s freshly cooked and the steam is rising from the pot, it needn’t be consumed right away. In fact, rice is widely regarded as better when it’s been set aside for a day or two when it comes to certain recipes. Why? Because repurposed rice is softer and doesn’t contain all the excessive moisture of rice that’s freshly cooked. So, let’s dive into the best recipes for your leftover rice so that you can make the most of every grain.

Fry it

Just a couple of minutes in the pan with the right combo of ingredients, and you’ve got yourself an effortless yet irresistible fried rice recipe. You can reheat your rice in the microwave too, of course. Whichever you prefer. Just make sure you’ve got the right recipe.

Start with our tried-and-true 7 Minute Classic Fried Rice. Classic recipes are classics for a reason. They withstand the test of time and continue to delight the taste buds of many for years to come. With eggs and veggies mixed into the rice, this Asian-inspired dish is both simple and delicious.

Seafood lovers will be licking their lips at the sight of this 25 Minute Lime-Ginger Shrimp Fried Rice dish. Not only do the shrimp add a dash of elegance to the dish with their light and attractive colour, but they also bring the flavours of the sea to your revitalized leftover rice.

Those who can’t get enough of fried and scrambled eggs mixed into rice will love this 3 Minute Microwave Egg Fried Rice. If you want to add some sweetness to the blend of flavors, just pour some sweet and sour sauce on top.

Microwave Egg Fried Rice

Use It In A Soup

Leftover rice is ideal for soups since it requires almost no effort at all to make its way into the mix. If your soup is hot, there may be no need to reheat the rice. Simply add it to the liquid and let it heat up on its own.

Let your leftover rice sink into this 10 Minute Chunky Chicken Vegetable Soup. This dish is a quick and easy, but fun and flavourful, way to add some veggies to your mealtime in a warm and comforting combo that you can enjoy on any weekday evening.

When it comes to soups, Asian cuisine has an array of tantalizing options to explore. Try making this 20 Minute Creamy Thai Soup and see how satisfying it is, even though you can prepare it in such little time.

Alternatively, opt for the undeniably tasty pairing of cheese and broccoli in our 10 Minute Broccoli Cheese and Rice Soup. It’s thick, creamy, rich in flavours, and ideal for those cold and dark nights when you just need to unwind on the sofa and indulge in a comforting dish.

Make Dessert

It’s always a good idea to end mealtime in sweet style with a satisfying dessert. Leftover rice makes life so much easier when it comes to preparing such dishes. If you have some packed and stored away in the refrigerator, that’s half the work already done. Now let’s dive into the sweetening part.

Repurpose those leftovers by preparing a 5 Minute Vanilla Rice Pudding. Sweet, simple, and easy to make, this dessert dish will please vanilla lovers and ensure that no rice goes to waste. With raisins, cinnamon, and a little nutmeg, the variety of flavours will wow your taste buds.

Vanilla Rice Pudding

This 10 Minute Classic Rice Pudding is another straightforward yet dazzlingly delicious dessert. It’s one of the simpler rice pudding dishes to make and it boasts a combo of milk, rice, raisins, sugar, and salt.

For something with an extra touch of fun, loved by kids and adults alike, check out this 10 Minute Mom’s Glorified Rice. When you mix your leftover rice with marshmallows, pineapple, fruit cocktail, and whipped topping, this is what you get.

Stuff It

Put your rice into these hollowed-out peppers to make an easy yet impressive 50 Minute Classic Stuffed Peppers dish. While this may take a little more time than some of our quick recipes, the result will undoubtedly be worth it; a beefy, herbaceous, and all-round flavourful appetizer.

Hearty meal lovers, this one’s for you. Our 45 Minute Stuffed Cabbage Rolls recipe is packed with nutritious ingredients and comes with a vibrant and original appearance. Whoever knew that cabbage could be this exciting?

Cabbage Stuffed Rolls

Cheese enthusiasts agree that cheese makes everything taste better. When it comes to these 40 Minute Mozzarella-Stuffed Rice Balls, nothing could be truer. Enjoy them as a snack or appetizer on game day or movie night, and dip them into your favourite sauce.

Make Sushi

There’s no need to order sushi or have it at a restaurant when you can make it with ease at home by following a few simple steps. This 10 Minute Kimchi Vegetable Sushi also enables you to add some veggies to your mealtime.

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