Valentine’s Day is here yet again, which begs the question: What are your plans for Valentine’s Night? The day may be a regular one, but in the evening, you might be looking for ways to impress that special someone. The best way to do so is by preparing a tasty and exquisite meal. With Minute Rice®, you can do exactly that in a surprisingly quick and easy fashion. 

With these romantic meals made easy, you’ll have a range of options without bending over backward to prepare them. These carefully selected recipes are simple but flavourful, and fast but elegant. Say goodbye to your worries over what to prepare and hello to a world of dishes that will add an extra special spark to your evening. 

Chicken and Rice for a Cozy Night

Chicken and rice is a much-loved combination around the world. So, how can we take those ingredients and turn them into a romantic dish? There are many ways, but let’s look at three of our favourites.

Ten minutes is no time at all, which is why this 10 Minute Butter Chicken is so convenient. But what makes it special is its delicious blend of basmati rice with butter chicken sauce, garnished with some fresh cilantro. That’s a lot of deliciousness in very little time. 

For a sweet-tasting main with a fruity punch, prepare this Orange Fennel Chicken recipe, then let it weave its magic into your evening. This unique ingredient combo brings flavour, vibrancy, and a summery air to the table. But you can enjoy it whenever you please.

It’s not only orange that complements chicken in a highly satisfying style but also pineapple. See for yourself by checking out this Pineapple Orange Chicken dish, which is also packed with colourful peppers and topped with sweet and sour sauce. How tasty is that?

Shrimp Recipes With Romantic Charm

Recipes with shrimp always add a touch of elegance to a dish. Easy to cook, tasty, and a pretty shade of pink, shrimp also allow us to showcase our food presentation skills. 

While this recipe may take a little longer to prepare than some of the others, it’s certainly worth the wait. Just take a look at this 25 Minute Lime-Ginger Shrimp Fried Rice and ask yourself, if somebody served that, would you be impressed? We know you would, and it would get even better once you tasted it.

Lime Ginger Shrimp Fried Rice

Now let’s look at a shrimp dish inspired by the famous Southern cuisine of the United States in this Shrimp Jambalaya. Straight from Louisiana, this dish is packed with flavourful ingredients and plenty of bright colours too.

International Dishes With A Touch Of Elegance

A great way to impress is by trying your hand at international cuisine. With the right recipe, you can have something delicious with an exotic touch to serve in no time.

For a Mexican-inspired meal that’s full of hearty treats for your taste buds, try this quick and easy Chili Supper. With bell peppers, kidney beans, ground beef, tomatoes, and more, this is a sure way to spice up the evening with a Latin-American twist.

Few dishes brighten up and liven up the table as elegantly as sushi, but have you ever tried to make it yourself? It’s far easier than you might think, especially with our straightforward Kimchi Vegetable Sushi recipe. Making sushi couldn’t be any simpler. 

Kimchi Sushi

Date Night Desserts

Once those mains are out of the way, it’s time to end the meal in charming style by bringing out the dessert. This is the ideal way to top off an evening meal experience, especially if you’re looking to show your romantic side. So, what can you prepare?

Here’s a dish that even looks romantic; just see it for yourself. Our 30 Minute Speedy Rice Pudding is topped with bright red strawberries that, when chopped in half, resemble little love hearts. Together with some extra berries, dried coconut, or even chocolate chips, this dessert is sweet in every way imaginable.

Also sweet but slightly more lowkey is this Classic Rice Pudding boasting a milky concoction of vanilla and raisins. This is one for those who like their desserts fresh, creamy, tasty, and satisfying. What better way to top off Valentine’s night?

For more unique meal ideas that are quick, easy, and bound to impress, check out our quick tips and find the inspiration you’re looking for.