Are you hosting a gathering this New Year’s Eve? Or maybe you’re attending one? Whichever it is, what better way to finish the year and start the next one than by pleasing the crowd? At a New Year’s party, when people are circling around the house to socialize, the best people-pleasing foods to have ready are party snacks. But what can you make? And how? 

With Minute Rice®, you’ll have all the appetizers you need to impress everyone, no matter what their preferences are. Read on as we take you through our guide to party snacks for New Year’s Eve.


Let’s kick off with the vegetarian and vegan options. As you already know, vegetarianism and veganism have been on the rise in recent years, and those who prefer a meat-free diet have got to eat something too. For the vegetarians, you can prepare these Mozzarella Stuffed Rice Balls so they can enjoy a cheesy flavour explosion, encased in a golden, crispy rice crust, to snack on throughout the evening.

It’s important to remember that vegetarian or vegan options don’t mean limiting what snacks you can prepare, but the opposite: opportunity! A vegan option that’s visually appealing, filled with attractive colours, and likely to please eaters whether they’re vegetarian or not is this Kimchi Vegetable Sushi. Now there’s a snack that screams, ‘No meat, no problem!’
Kimchi Sushi

Vegan Party Snacks

Appetizers such as our suggestions for vegetarians can easily be turned into vegan party snacks simply by using dairy-free cheese. With this little tweak to your vegetarian appetizers, you’ll have vegan options for everyone with just as much flavour as snacks with dairy.

Cold Party Appetizers

For something cold, sweet, and ready in thirty minutes, check out our 30 Minute Speedy Rice Pudding. After snacking on warm bites throughout the night, guests may feel like ending with something cool and sweet, and that’s where these cold party appetizers come in and do the trick.

Rice pudding lovers needn’t stop there. You can also try your hand at our Classic Rice Pudding recipe. Prepare it ahead of time with just a few simple ingredients, and watch as it brings smiles to your guests’ faces throughout the night.

When guests are chatting away, adding a touch of nostalgia to everyone’s taste buds helps to keep good vibes going. You can accomplish that with Mom’s Glorified Rice, a quick and easy dish many know and love.

Moms Rice

Gluten Free Snacks

Gluten-free appetizers and snacks are important for those who like to follow a gluten-free diet, but what’s more is that such foods also make great party treats. Why? They’re often made up of lighter ingredients, making them ideal for gatherings that last into the night.

Classic Stuffed Peppers are a flavourful snack that also bring a burst of vibrant colours to the table. With rice, veggies, and savoury spices, this quick and easy dish will please the crowd and help them to end the year and start the next one on a high.

Another tasty and green gluten-free option is this recipe for Easy Korean Beef and Kimchi Lettuce Wraps. Here you have the indulgent flavours of Korean cuisine wrapped in lettuce to give the party another handheld snack to enjoy as the party goes on.

Is rice gluten free? 

Generally speaking, yes. Rice is gluten-free. However, there are some exceptions. Some rice varieties, particularly the flavoured ones, contain additional ingredients that may contain traces of gluten. To ensure your rice-based appetizers are definitely gluten-free, make sure you prepare them with a rice variety that specifically tells you it’s ‘gluten-free’ in the product information. Here at Minute Rice®, you’ll find plenty of options.

New Year’s Party Tips

Now that you know what to prepare, what can you do to make it a memorable party? You can start by following our simple and straightforward New Year’s party tips for those who are throwing the party.

    1. Plan in advance: if you’ve already thought about different guests, their dietary choices, the music they like, and how to make sure they’re comfortable, you won’t have to worry about it when they’re there. Plan in advance so that you and your guests can enjoy the night with ease.
    2. Make it cozy: setting the mood with decorations, dim lighting, and a good playlist will help to make everyone relaxed, content, and in the mood for socializing.
    3. Play games: think of any fun and interactive games your guests can play that will get them laughing and enjoying the evening together.
    4. Serve a countdown snack: the minutes leading up to midnight are a good opportunity to serve a delicious snack as a final treat of the year.
    5. Pick a theme: your party theme can be based on a famous movie or series, or perhaps even a past decade, with fancy dress being part of the fun.

      With these ideas, you can make it a New Year’s Eve party to remember. Don’t forget that the most important thing is to enjoy it! For more quick and easy recipe ideas and simple but delicious meal inspiration, see our quick tips.