Minute Rice® White Cups

Every minute counts when your day is packed to the brim! Enjoy our delicious microwaveable Minute Rice® White Cups as you relax. That is correct! The rice you love, but it’s ready in a flash. The perfectly portioned single-serving cups of thoroughly cooked white rice are ready in only one minute.

They’re ideal for bringing to work for lunch or as a fast, delectable snack while travelling. Or, if you’re looking for a quick side for dinner, the Minute Rice® White Cups are ready for you. Also, clean-up is a breeze because you can consume it straight from the cup! If only getting in shape was as quick and simple.

It’s a perfect topping for a salad, an addition to your favourite soup or a base for a flavourful stir fry. So many possibilities… think outside the cup!

Dietary Considerations

Cholesterol Free
Gluten Free
Low Fat
No Preservatives
No artificial flavors or colors

Product Sizes

2 / 125 g

Quick Tip

Want a quick sweet treat? Combine ready-to-eat vanilla pudding cups with warmed Minute Rice® White Cups. If you add raisins and cinnamon on top, your rice pudding will always turn out perfectly.

White Rice Cups

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Nutrition Facts