Long Grain & Wild Rice with Chicken-Style Flavour Cups

Need a meal in a hurry? Nothing tops the classic comfort food and family favourite chicken and rice combo! Our fully cooked Minute Rice®  Long Grain & Wild Rice with Chicken-Style Flavour Cups offer a homestyle taste that everyone will love.

These cups offer perfect portion control and an on-the-go power-up loaded with the delicious u of chicken, vegetables and herbs with hearty rice!

Ready in only 1 minute, you can eat the flavoured rice right out of the cup, so the breakroom or kitchen will stay clean! Add a cup to a veggie-loaded salad or soup for a hearty lunchtime pick-me-up.

Dietary Considerations

Cholesterol Free
No Preservatives

Product Sizes

2 / 125 g

Quick Tip

To transform your rice cup from a simple side to a complete meal toss in rotisserie chicken and fresh vegetables.

Cooking Time




Nutrition Facts