Minute Rice® Chicken & Herb Cups

Dive into the ultimate comfort food – Minute Rice® Chicken & Herb Cups are the perfect fix for your hunger pangs. Get ready for a homestyle taste that hits the spot.

These fully cooked cups are your on-the-go power-up with a hearty rice kick! Level up your lunchtime routine by tossing a cup into a veggie-loaded salad or soup for that extra boost.

Minute Rice® makes it a breeze for those leading busy lives or just learning the ropes.  And the best part? Eat it straight out of the cup for hassle-free cleanup!

One minute is all it takes to savour the goodness of Minute Rice® Ready to Serve Cups. Conveniently packed in small cups, they come in various tempting varieties, such as Basmati Rice, Mexican Style rice, and more.

Product Claims

• Ready To Serve in Just 1 Minute
• Gluten Free
• No Artificial Flavours
• No Preservatives
• Cholesterol Free

Product Sizes

2 / 125 g

Quick Tip

To transform your rice cup from a simple side to a complete meal toss in rotisserie chicken and fresh vegetables.

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Nutrition Facts