Minute Rice® Ready to Serve Jasmine Cups

It’s easy to enjoy the buttery taste and aromatic scent of our authentic Jasmine Rice – no matter how packed your schedule is. One minute is all you need and a hungry appetite. Don’t believe us? Just wait until you try our our Ready to Serve Jasmine Cups.

Packaged in single-serving cups for built-in portion control, it also saves you from clean-up as you can eat the rice right out of the cup. Because who has time for dishes anyway? Pair with your preferred pre-cooked protein, like rotisserie chicken, and fresh/frozen veggies, and you’ll enjoy a delicious and quality meal in minutes.

Aside from being undeniably delicious, these Ready to Serve Jasmine Cups have NO PRESERVATIVES and are MSG FREE, CHOLESTEROL FREE and VEGAN/VEGETARIAN.

Quick Tip

Enjoy the aromatic benefits of Ready to Serve Jasmine Rice while turning the average side dish into an authentic delicacy. Drizzle the rice with soy sauce, sesame oil, and top with fresh ginger and scallions.

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