Minute Rice® Jasmine Cups

Experience the enticing aroma of our Jasmine Rice – no matter how jam-packed your schedule is. In just a minute, you can satisfy your hunger and tantalize your taste buds. Elevate your meal by pairing it with your favourite protein, and some fresh or frozen veggies.

Minute Rice® makes it a breeze for those leading busy lives or just learning the ropes. And the best part? Eat it straight out of the cup for hassle-free cleanup!

One minute is all it takes to savour the goodness of Minute Rice® Ready to Serve Cups. Conveniently packed in small cups, they come in various tempting varieties, such as Basmati Rice, Chicken & Herb, and more.

Product Claims

• Ready in 1 Minute
• Gluten Free
• Vegetarian/ Vegan
• Non-GMO Project Verified
• No Artificial Flavours
• No Artificial Preservatives

Product Sizes

2 / 125 g

Quick Tip

Enjoy the aromatic benefits of Minute Rice® Jasmine Cups while turning the average side dish into an authentic delicacy. Drizzle the rice with soy sauce, sesame oil, and top with fresh ginger and scallions.

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Nutrition Facts