Minute Rice® Quick Cook Basmati

Our aromatic Basmati Rice is here to rescue your taste buds in just 5 minutes!  Minute Rice® Basmati it boasts a subtly nutty flavour that pairs perfectly with Middle Eastern and Asian culinary delights, from curries to soups and stews.

Feel confident that your meal will turn out just right because Minute Rice® has got your back. Whether you’re cooking for yourself or others, ditch the cooking stress and embrace the delicious simplicity of Minute Rice®.

Product Claims

• Ready in 5 Minutes
• 100% Natural
• Vegetarian/ Vegan
• Kosher
• Non-GMO Project Verified
• No Artificial Preservatives
• No Artificial Flavours
• Sodium Free

Product Sizes

500 g

Quick Tip

Do you crave  Indian cuisine? Then today is your lucky day! Forget take-out and whip up a veggie curry by cooking the Basmati Rice in coconut milk instead of water. Mix in some curry powder or curry paste for a spicy taste then add your favorite protein and veggies to make a complete dish.

Cooking Time




Nutrition Facts